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120 – Avengers: Infinity War

Wow. Completely spoiler free, we talk about how Avengers: Infinity War left us feeling.  There’s lots to talk about here, but we both loved it.

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118 – Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is the best Thor movie. It’s funny, it’s beautiful, and it might even make you think. Listen to us gush over it for almost a half hour set to a soundtrack provided by Led Zeppelin.  9/10. Would Ragnarok again.

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109 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

We have a special episode early because it’s SPIDER-MAN! The newest film fits in with the MCU but also is its own thing. It’s really, really great. Funny. No Uncle Ben death– thank you! Teen angst. The Vulture and why he’s awesome. Just give all your stuff to Marvel, Sony (and Fox).

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100 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It’s a Giant-Sized Episode #100 featuring Kaitlyn Booth from Bleeding Cool and a full hour of spoiler-free discussion of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Family. Character moments. Character pairings. Platonic relationships. Music breakdown.

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74 – Doctor Strange

Marvel gives us its 14th movie, and it is spectacular. The visuals are like nothing you’ve seen before, and the performances are phenomenal. Go see this in IMAX 3D. The Asian whitewashing controversy.  We both like this a lot.

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48 – Civil War

We almost come to blows over Captain America 3: Civil War, as the redoubtable Brooke Heym argues for Team Iron Man against Andy and Adam, still on Team Cap.

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Minor plot spoilers, but nothing major.  We will do a spoiler-filled deep dive in a few weeks.

The moral dimensions of the debate. Loyalty. Did Brooke watch a different movie from Andy? Cap is the arrogant, shortsighted one.

All 10 heroes get a character arc. The quiet, talky moments in between the action. The comedy tempers the depressing parts. The Empire Strikes Back of the MCU.

Brooke gives this a 8.5 or 9, Andy and Adam are both at 10.

36 – Hail, Deadpool!

We take on Hail, Caesar! and Deadpool, joined again by the inimitable Brooke Heym.

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Hail, Caesar!– new Coen Brothers wacky comedy about kidnapping in the Golden Age of Hollywood. It’s a silly movie about deep issues set against the backdrop of a movie studio, and all of those great pictures of yesteryear that just aren’t made anymore.  Andy has a more full review here and gives it 9.5 out of 10, Adam gives it a 9 out of 10.

Deadpool – It’s your typical romance – boy meets girl, boy get struck by terminal disease, boy gets superpowers to overcome disease, boy blows up the world– and should be everyone’s Valentine’s Day plan. Adam and Brooke want to go again. It’s everything that Deadpool should be, including not for children. Andy wanted more satire and more Colossus, gives it 7.5 out of 10. Brooke is at 9 out 10, Adam is 10 out of 10— it’s the most fun he’s had at the movies in a long time.  We’ve got more review here if you want more talking about it.

And congratulations to Brooke’s Denver Broncos, whom she was preparing to root for during the podcast and obviously gave the edge to them.

Episode 15 – Is This Real Life?

We review A Walk in the Woods, Learning to Drive, and recommend movies “based on a true story”: Milk and All the President’s Men. Journalistic ethics. The shakeup at Marvel Studios.

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A Walk in the Woods is nice, beautiful shots of nature, but as charming as Redford is, it just doesn’t work.  Adam give it 5/10, Andy gives it 6/10.

Learning to Drive is incredibly thin.  Adapted from a magazine article and it feels like it. Ben Kingsley is great, but it thinks it’s deeper than it is. 5/10

Movies “based on a true story.”

Adam chose Milk, Andy chose All the President’s Men.

Journalistic ethics. At 29:30 we make a joke about sweater vests.

Why the shakeup at Marvel Studios/Disney is a good thing.

Episode 11 – Fantastic Four is neither Fantastic nor Four. Discuss!!

We review The Gift, Ricki and the Flash, Shaun the Sheep, and Fantastic Four.

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The Gift – Joel Edgerton wrote, directed and starred in this creepy thriller. Jason Bateman is a douche. Andy has a Fruedian slip and calls Rebecca Hall “Allison” (he was distracted by Allison Brie). Tense, slow burn, but ambiguous ending. Andy and Adam both give it a 5/10. Read Andy’s full review here:  http://bigshinyrobot.com/59077/gift-should-be-returned-store-credit/

Ricki and the Flash – Directed by Jonathan Demme and written by Diablo Cody. Meryl Streep wants another Oscar and she’s gonna sing! Good story for the first hour, then takes a weird twist. Why is 20 minutes of the movie Meryl Streep doing karaoke? We know you can sing– we saw Into the Woods and Mamma Mia. 6/10

Shaun the Sheep – Soooo good. Aardman Animation Studios doing stop motion. There is zero dialogue. Everything Fantastic Four gets wrong, this gets right: great villain, great character development, family, humor, adventure, and understanding the nature of your IP. 9/10. . . but with a caveat that it might only seem better because of Pixels and F4.

Fantastic Four – Adam never gives things 0, but this is awful. Andy was too bored to hate it that much, but ended up at 3/10. Movies that have a better rating on Rotten Tomatoes and if they’re better or worse than this. Adam’s full review here: (you really should read it!) http://bigshinyrobot.com/59072/fantastic-four-review/

Recommendations? Mondo steelbook BluRays are available at Target.com in limited quantities. Andy thinks you should visit Austin for MondoCon if you’re into Mondo.

What a Mondo Steelbook Blu-Ray looks like:

mondo shaun of the dead

Music from this episode:

Episode 8 – Thomas the Trainwreck

We review Ant-Man and Trainwreck, the run down our favorite Micheal Douglas movies. We’re joined again by Brooke from TwoFeministMoms.com.

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Trainwreck has all of the problems most Judd Apatow movies suffer from: somebody get that guy an editor. Really funny. Amy Schumer is awesome. LeBron James and John Cena try to steal the movie. It’s a role reversal of a rom-com. Adam gives it 7/10, Andy is 6.5/10.

Ant-Man is awesome. Andy has a man crush on Paul Rudd. Funniest Marvel movie ever. This might be Brooke’s favorite Marvel movie. Michael Pena was awesome. Edgar Wright vs. Peyton Reed. Paul Rudd and Adam Mackay’s script rewrites.  Hank-Hope-Scott are like a little family– and it’s going to be split by Civil War.

Garrett Morris plays Ant-Man on Saturday Night Live in 1977 – watch on Hulu. Watch for his cameo.

ant man garrett morris strength of a human



Brooke give it 9.5/10, Adam is 9/10, Andy is 8/10

Our favorite Michael Douglas movies:

Brooke: A Perfect Murder

Andy: The American President

Adam: The Game