58 – The Ghostbusters Infiltrator

It’s the Ghostbusters reboot! And a movie about Bryan Cranston and the drug trade!

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The Infiltrator is the story of Robert Mazur who went undercover to follow the money of Pablo Escobar’s cartel in the 80’s. A true story! And great acting, but the pacing kinda drags. Adam gave it 5.5/10, Andy gave it a straight 5.

Ghostbusters! We’ve waited so long and were not disappointed. No one’s childhood was ruined. Everything is great, especially Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Stick around for the aftercredits sequence, and see it in 3D on Imax if you can! Adam calls it a perfect 10. Andy was bugged by a couple of pieces of fanservice and product placement, but otherwise it’s perfect: 9/10.


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