85 – A Monster Calls and The Worst of 2016

We review A Monster Calls and run down the worst movies of 2016.  A Monster Calls is amazing, heartfelt, and beautiful. . . and horribly marketed and rolled out to critics and audiences. Everyone loves it, but it’s buried in January and most critics didn’t get to see it until awards ballots were already sent out. What a shame, because it’s amazing. 9/10 from both of us.

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And now. . .  the Woooooorst movies of 2016.

Seriously, the worst.

A special dishonorable mention from Andy: the worst thing he saw in a theater was Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party but that is not a movie in the same way Breitbart is not news.

Andy’s #5 worst: The Greasy Strangler
Adam’s #5 worst: Criminal
Andy’s #4 worst: Nine Lives
Adam’s #4 worst: Inferno
Andy’s #3 worst: Gods of Egypt
Adam’s #3 worst: Suicide Squad
Andy’s #2 worst: Collateral Beauty
Adam’s #2 worst: The Greasy Strangler
Andy’s #1 worst: Mother’s Day
Adam’s #1 worst: Independence Day: Resurgence

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