About Us


We’re just a couple of film crickets trying to make our way in the big city.

Adam McDonald


Adam has been a lifelong fan of all things geek and nerd related ever since his dad showed him the first Star Wars when he was a wee little child. He is an avid video gamer (ender2155 on PSN), loves to read (favorite author is Michael Crichton) and takes and posts way too many pictures of his pug, Badger (@ItsTheBadger). You can follow his snarky and smart-ass words of wisdom on Twitter (@sithbot_) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/ender2155).

Andy Wilson aka Citizenbot

citizen-botCitizenbot, aka Andy Wilson, is a robot running for President, when he’s not busy trying to save the world at his dayjob, watching movies, tv, reading comics, playing video games, and generally letting his children run his life. Citizenbot is the latest incarnation of the megalomaniac political robot, previous models including Socrates, Cicero, Orson Welles, and Stephen Colbert.

andy headshot blueAndy lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two kids, where he fights his arch nemeses Rick Perry, Glenn Beck, Karl Rove, and the Roxxon Corporation. When he’s not nerding out, he works as an online organizer with the Sierra Club. You can find him @CitizenAndy on Twitter or emailing citizenbot@bigshinyrobot.com.

Oh, and if you like Doctor Who, he does another podcast all about him watching it for the first time: Who Virgin. Any similarities between the design and layout for this website and that website are purely coincidental and not at all because Andy is lazy and lacks imagination.

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