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41 – 10 Cloverfield Keanu #SXSW Civil War

We’re joined again by Brooke Heym to talk 10 Cloverfield Lane and Andy’s adventures at SXSW including Key and Peele’s Keanu . We also break down the Captain America 3: Civil War trailer and break down over it.

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10 Cloverfield Lane – forget everything you think you know about Cloverfield. This isn’t like that at all. Character drama between the only three characters in the film. John Goodman is fantastic. Security vs. Freedom. Strong female leads. Andy and Adam are both at like 8/10, maybe 8.5.

Keanu – Key and Peele have to rescue their kitty! Funniest movie in a long time. Well paced, and it never feels like they overdo a joke. Definitely R-rated. Plays with race and social issues, but ultimately this is just about finding yourself. And a really cute little kitty. 9/10

Captain America 3: Civil War – Brooke is Team Tony, Andy is Team Cap, but this tears us apart because we agree with the other side. Who’s going to die? Underoos.