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46 – The Huntsman: Prince Tribute War

This week we celebrate the life and influence of Prince, but not before talking about The Huntsman: Winter’s War. How did this movie get so good?

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It’s a pre-sequel! Seriously, this movie should have been horrible, and it’s somehow pretty good! Female characters and costume design are fantastic. The rest? Maybe not as much. The two queens’ relationships as sisters. Love conquers all? Adam and Brooke give it a 7, Andy gives it a 6.5.

Ryan Reynolds tweets about Brewvies getting a fine for showing Deadpool. It’s because it’s a penis, not boobs. This Film is Not Yet Rated. The stakes and the legal case. It’s censorship.

Speaking of, remember when Tipper Gore got offended at some Prince lyrics? SNL. Purple Rain works better as a concert film. Batman. Prince as emotional release. All the stories are true! A true original who did his own thing. We’ll miss you.

20 – EHRMAGERD! Goosebumps, Crimson Peak, Bridge of Spies

EHRMAGERD! MAH FERVERITE MOVIES!!! 4 great films this week in Goosebumps, Crimson Peak, Bridge of Spies, and Beasts of No Nation.

Bored as Hell Podcast - This week's episode


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Beasts of No Nation – released in theaters and on Netflix the same day, this is a story about child soldiers in Africa starring Idris Elba. Go check it out in a local cinema if you want to cry in a theater, or on Netflix if you want to cry at home. Andy gives it 6.5/10

Bridge of Spies – Tom Hanks in a Spielberg movie written by the Coen Brothers, and it’s some of their best work ever. Our review at Big Shiny Robot every single person gave it a 10/10. Yes. It’s that good.

Goosebumps – Based on the books, this is almost more fun for adults than the kids, it includes all the monsters and stories we love and remember. Jack Black is even restrained! Adam has a more full review here and gives it 8/10

Crimson Peak – Sooooooo cool to look at! Absolutely gorgeous. And then it gets Game of Thrones-y. Andy’s full review is here, he gave it a 8.5/10, and Adam gave it 9/10.