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29 – The Road Chip Awakens

We get to review “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. . .  but first we have to eat our vegetables and review “Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.”

Bored as Hell Podcast - This week's episode


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Oh, The Road Chip. You are a literal piece of crap. Because you are a franchise who advertises poo-eating in your trailers, and the pee and poo jokes continue in this 4th “film” in the series. We wish all the talented people well who worked on this film: may the checks you cashed sustain you well until your next project. 2/10 and a more full review here.

Star Wars!! The Force Awakens! A spoiler-free review that does include discussion of minor plot points and character descriptions that describe what transpires in the first 15-20 minutes of the film. All major real spoilers are kept under wraps.  Rey is a new feminist hero. What made us well up with tears. We all give it a 10/10 or higher.


Episode 7 – The Problem with Prequels

We’re gonna get into a fight! The Gallows, Self/Less, Minions.

Bored as Hell Podcast - This week's episode


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The Gallows – A high school play production is haunted by the ghost of a cast member who died in the same school 20 years earlier. Andy was bored the first hour, think they didn’t do a good job as a found footage movie, but liked the last 20 minutes. Likes it was done in a high school auditorium. 3/10. Adam thought they earned the found footage and loved what they did with this. He was genuinely scared in some parts and the ghost itself was super scary. 7.5/10

Self/less – What is this movie? Sci fi? Action? How did it become a chick flick for a minute? Who would enjoy this? 3/10. Andy thinks this sounds par for the course for Tarsem Singh.

Minions – The plot and lead actors weigh down the movie. Andy and Adam’s opinions diverge on whether or not you can enjoy this movie as a series of skits and gags or whether you think those are boring. Andy says yes: 7.5/10 Adam says no: 4/10

Prequels:  We’re getting a Han Solo prequel– what Andy doesn’t want to see and why that’s what makes a bad prequel. Good prequels deepen character and build the world. Star Wars prequels. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Godfather Part II. You don’t even know they’re prequels!
Andy’s prequel: X-Men: First Class.
Adam’s prequel: Prometheus
Fassbender is the common denominator. Because he denominates.