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28 – In the Heart of the Macbeth

We review In the Heart of the Sea, Macbeth, and finish our countdown to The Force Awakens with a detailed rehash of Return of the Jedi.  And Adam dishes out Shame! pronouncements via his new app.

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Macbeth is bloody, violent, dirty, sexy, and altogether not Macbeth. The performances are good, but they tried to change this so much and focus on big overt things like battles, it just didn’t gel and didn’t “get” the source material. Andy gives it 4/10.

In the Heart of the Sea has the same problems. Why make this movie when you could’ve just made a great Moby Dick movie? There’s no excuse for this to be as boring and padded as it is.  Andy gives it also a  4/10.

Return of the Jedi is not just the movie we grew up with, but it’s a movie that grows up with you. Changes in the Special Editions. “No!” Grey Jedi. Star Wars comics. Klaatu Barada Nikto.