34 – Sundancing 2016, The Revenant, Anamolisa

This week we review the Best Animated Feature nominated stop motion animated Anamolisa, the Oscar-dominating survival film The Revenant, and Adam talks about what he’s seen at Sundance so far: The Greasy Strangler, Other People, The Lobster, Norman Lear: Another Version of You.

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Anamolisa –  directed by Charlie Kauffman, produced by Dino Stamatopolous (nee “Starburns”), this should’ve been better. Very overwhelming. Its basic conceit isn’t well-communicated — there’s only two people in the world, the main character and everyone else, who all look and sound the same. . . .until he meets Lisa, who is an anomoly (Anaomolisa… get it?) Too trite, navel-gazing and precious for its own good. Technically amazing. Puppet sex! But better in Team America? Andy gives it 6/10, Adam gives it 5/10.

The Revenant – Iñárritu strikes gold again. DiCaprio’s acting. That bear attack, tho. The atmosphere of the film will make you feel cold. Andy really liked it but was nitpicking and thought it was a little overhyped: 7.5/10. Adam thinks it was awesome and it’s in his top 10: 9/10.

Sundance movies! The worst: Greasy Strangler – no, you are NOT John Waters. The best: Other People. Will make you laugh and cry. Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon are both amazing. The Lobster and Norman Lear: Another Version of You (documentary)  – also very good!

33 – #BENGHAZI!!

Adam reviews 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and we discuss this year’s nominees for the Oscars and Razzies.

Bored as Hell Podcast - This week's episode


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13 Hours – It’s a Michael Bay movie. More like live action Call of Duty. But apolitical, for what it’s worth. Gets bogged down trying to humanize the soldiers when they’re pretty undifferentiated otherwise. But big action sequences, like you would expect from Michael Bay. 5.5 out of 10

This year’s Oscars – #OscarsSoWhite AGAIN. Not surprising. Where’s Inside Out? Ex Machina? Hateful Eight? Lots of love for The Big Short.

Andy fills out his Razzies ballot live on the podcast. So much hate for Adam Sandler and Jupiter Ascending.

32 – We Spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Our long-awaited, spoiler-fueled breakdown of all things Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’re joined again by the irrepressible and redoubtable Brooke Heym. All music in this episode to celebrate the life and legacy of David Bowie, who Andy has always been a little too obsessed with. (Fun drinking game: drink any time Andy used a Bowie song on the podcast)

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Spoilers. Spoiler culture. Avoiding Harry Potter spoilers. Encounters with Joss Whedon.

Why we love Rey. “Strong Female Characters.” Lara Croft vs. Rey. Men’s Rights Activists. Who is Rey? Possible parents. Rey’s vision. Ewan Macgregor, Alec Guinness, James Arnold Taylor all playing Obi-Wan. Force ghosts.

Episode VIII and Rian Johnson will blow our minds. Is Finn force-sensitive? Maz Kanata was great on The Golden Girls. We want to see her in the standalone prequel movies. Rogue One!

Han and Kylo Ren. Dad voice. Struggling with the Light Side. Is Kylo Ren a double agent? No way. This isn’t The Departed. This is Star Wars.  Rey’s name. Balance of the Force.  A critique of fandom.  The nature of the force. What awakening?

BB-8. What parents do for our kids. Dark times. Personal confessions.

31 – The Best of 2015

Happy 2016! Here’s our best of 2015, with links to the original episodes we reviewed the movies in! (Our apologies to Ex Machina, which came out before we started the podcast) Next week: deep dive featuring spoilers on Star Wars!

Bored as Hell Podcast - This week's episode


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Andy – Trumbo
Adam – Ex Machina


Andy – Bridge of Spies
Adam – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Andy – Ex Machina
Adam – Inside Out


Andy – Mad Max: Fury Road
Adam – The Hateful Eight


Andy – Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Adam – Mad Max: Fury Road


Andy also has a Year End top 40/bottom 10 that includes tv, video games, etc, so feel free to peruse that.