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91 – The Great Fist Fight Wall of Logan

We give you just a taste of Logan at the end (we’ll go into more detail next episode) but first Adam hated Fist Fight, and The Great Wall was more meh than great. Watch for a special early episode this week as we get ready for the Oscars and talk Logan more in depth!

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60 – The Bourne Bad Moms Killing Joke

Bad Moms brings the funny, Batman: The Killing Joke is funny, but in a different, disturbing, awful way, and Jason Bourne is well. . .  Jason Bourne in a followup to the popular spy franchise.

Bored as Hell Podcast - This week's episode


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Bad Moms – When good moms decide to blow off all the things they do to keep their kids’ lives running, this is what happens. Also musical montages. Kathryn Hahn and Christina Applegate steal the movie. Adam gives it 8/10 and Andy went a bit lower at a 6.5/10 for not being as cohesive as it could’ve been, and his longer review is here.

Batman: The Killing Joke is the adaptation of the 1988 graphic novel and it is a beautiful translation of the source material to screen. But it still retains a lot of its problematic elements and the tacked-on first act doesn’t help. We go really in depth on this, and this is a longer opinion article by Andy, but both agree this is a 7/10.

Jason Bourne has Jason Bourne in it! And shaky cam! And questionable depictions of technology! And ridiculous car chases sponsored by Dodge Charger! But Matt Damon and the rest of the cast are great. This isn’t as good as the first two, but better than the most recent one. 7/10 and a more full review here.

18 – Sicario, The Walk, The Martian

This week we cover Sicario, The Walk, The Martian and begin discussing the first of our Halloween recommendations.  Go vote for this week’s themes: Aliens vs. Zombies– or suggest your own. http://www.facebook.com/BoredAsHellPodcast 

Bored as Hell Podcast - This week's episode


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Quickly, Stonewall: If you’re going to call it Stonewall, actually make it about the Stonewall riots. It had as much to do with the Stonewall riots as Stonewall Jackson. But not a terrible movie. Roland Emmerich shows restraint? 5/10

Sicario: Benecio del Toro. Not too early to start talking Oscars.  Incredibly tense. It’s like Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket but with the drug war instead of Vietnam. Andy gives it 7.5/10, Brooks says 8 just for the performances.

The Walk: About a real-life walk between the World Trade Center towers on a tightrope. First hour is a little slow, but that last part with the actual walk between the towers is amazing. The accent. Matthew Lillard as Shaggy. Like a 6/10. Go watch Man on Wire, the documentary about the same event.

The Martian: One of the best movies of the year. Makes you feel good about things. Science! Exploration! The movie vs. the book. Ridley Scott. Everyone is at a 9 or 10.

It’s October, so we’re recommending Halloween-themed movies every week with a different theme chosen by you, the listeners. This week, it’s “Supernatural movies.” eg, demons, devils, etc.

Brooks chose The Orphanage

Andy chose Hellboy

Adam chose Evil Dead (the remake)